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  1. I run and manage Art hub Studios in South East London. We have a print , ceramic, and carpentry facility along with 90 artists in studio spaces we provide. I am interested in finding out if you would be prepared to link up with us ?. I realize that your funding streams have been seriously compromised, and we have funded all of our facilities through our own picture framing business,. It may be that there is a way of moving forward with some kind of collaboration?
    If you are interested in meeting up or having a discussion to see if there might be a meeting of minds, then please get in touch?

    • Hi Deborah
      Thank you for your lovely post.
      I would love to meet up and discuss where we have got to and whether there are ways we could work to support each other.
      Lets visit each other and see what we both offer.
      Do you have time to come to Brixton Wednesday 7 November is looking good in the afternoon?
      Let me know some alternative dates and we can get talking.

      Best regards

  2. sublimation course.Hi i am looking to do a dye sublimation course in london.Is this something which you run.

    • Hi Dennis
      Our Heat Press session in Print Basics covers sublimation printing.
      The next date is 12 December 10.30 to 4.30 £80.
      Alternatively you can email your specific skills needs or project purpose and we can develop a 1:1 course to suit you. As a very rough guide this is likely to cost around £350 for a two day activity, subject to your needs.
      Do give me an email for more info

  3. Hi Lorna,Thanks for your reply.Could you tell me more about the £80 course.I have the equipment for sublimation and just need some help on setting up of images for printing(ie resizing and template making in photoshop or quark express.

  4. Hi Dennis
    The Heat Press course covers working with sublimation techniques not the digital aspects. in the workshop there are opportunities to work with pre-printed papers of a variety of types, as well as creating your own hand marked images with sublimation inks.

    It sounds like you need generic image manipulation support.
    We do not have a course that covers this specifically. The best I can offer is a 1:1 half a day, working with one of our printmakers side by side at a computer to prepare the images in the way that you require from a generic standpoint. We do not have a sublimation printer so we would not be able to guarantee that the files created during the session would print out as per the screen, on your own set up as we would not have been able to test or adjust the settings.

    Let me know if you would like to progress this.


  5. Thanks Lorna,How much would the1.1 half day cost.

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