Creative Cocktails

Get your creative juices going with this new Autumn programme. We are going to be working with Print, Stitch and Decorate skills through a series of themes suggested to us by Cocktails this Autumn. We intend to be playful and just get everyone trying out new skills, working with themes and generally having fun. These sessions are for beginners, the experienced and the professional – you will learn or practice at your own pace and level. Learn new skills through a different project and set of skills every week or enjoy five weeks of just concentrating on learning and developing one set of skills eg Print, or Stitch or Decorate through each week’s different project theme. For example learning to ‘Stitch’ you learn to knit by knitting a teapot cosy in week 1, practice or develop your knitting skills further the following week by experimenting with joining and mixing colours and stitches. Each week there will be tutors to support you, work from inspirational material, and help you to develop your skills. Here is our information sheet creative cocktails. Booking and paying secures your place. Here is the booking form creative cocktails booking.

This course can lead to the Print Basics programme if you would like to concentrate on developing your confidence to print unsupported in our facilities.


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