Support LPT

We would love you to help us to continue to make a real difference.

Give your time, expertise or £££.

Here are some examples of what you might like to do….

Join us:

Become a trustee, adviser, intern or volunteer

Befriend us:

T-pin friend: £5

Squeegee friend: £50

Screen friend £500

Table friend £5,000

Cornerstone friend £50,000

Subsidise us:

1 week of print time £500

1 BTEC student place £1,500

1 month Residency £1,000

1 year long bursary research place £10,000

1 summer long community programme £15,000

Transform us:

our space

£5,000 = workshop lockers

£5,000 = rework office and reception area

£10,000 = kitchen for course participants/staff

£60,000 = electricity supply upgrade

our equipment

£10,000 = hydraulic print table (for disabled printmakers)

£100,000 = digital print capacity

our capacity

£10,000 staff research and development

£40,000 salary for a fund raiser

Enjoy helping us to help others, lets talk…..

Thank you

Lorna Dallas-Conte

Executive Director

07710 449972