Mechanised screen printing

Ever wondered what happens in a textile screen printing factory? We can assure you it is vastly different from our own, completely hand operated workshop, as you can see from the video below. This is what we term a mechanised system, where the squeegees are not passed from hand to hand but completely operated by machinery. Marimekko fabrics are internationally loved fabrics, with their vivid designs and quality fabrics it is not hard to see why they produce these vast quantities.


About London Printworks Trust

London Printworks Trust is the centre of excellence for textile print. Our passion has continued for twenty years since establishing ourselves as a charity to encourage professional artists, designers and emerging talent to learn, to share ideas, to produce new work and to fulfil their creative potential. Through our specialist hand printing equipment and workshop facilities we support and nurture creativity in people from the local community of Brixton, and across London. We are developing a new programme of residency places, courses, talks and new open access in response to the changes to funding. We appreciate and thank the support from our Board, Volunteers and Freelancers, without whom we would not have survived the changes to our funding. Continued support from The Leverhulme Trust and Lambeth also helps us to make a difference.
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One Response to Mechanised screen printing

  1. This is such a cool video. I love seeing how things are made!

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