the possibilities are endless

Since getting my feet under the table at LPT, I have been lucky enough to get help in printing lots of ideas, quite fast.
As I remain fervent champion of the handkerchief’s return to the pocket or sleeve of every right minded citizen, I am drawing a new one at every occasion. The first two designs we made in a very limited edition run, and they were printed and signed live at our 20th birthday celebrations a month ago.
These designs are “Hank or Chief’ featuring two stars of American folk history, and personal heroes of mine: Hank Williams, and Chief Sitting Bull. Behind their drawn figures are words that they themselves composed.
The other design shown here, is a poem, written by me this time, I limited myself to using words made out of only seven letters, the letters in the word ‘disaster’. (I then found out from my poetry teacher, Clare Pollard, that this type of writing where a form is devised from extreme rules of vocabulary limitation, has a name, and is called ‘oulippo’. ) I wrote this poem as I wrote many, in the face of my mothers death. Hand writing it into a tear drop shape, was the extra formal clamp that pressed it into true hankie use. Cotton hankies are second to none for blubbing.  Limited edition handkerchief
Then I couldnt resist designing two more prints as souvenirs of the Lambeth Country Show, mainly on lovely remnant rags from Bits of Cloth in Brixton Market. The next opportunity for a souvenir was Vintage, last weekend, Fellow artist Tony Hayward kindly sent me a parcel of charming pastel coloured hankies from India, and we promptly printed this teacup on them. Do ring us if you have to have one!

tea cup design for Vintage at the Southbank

There are, as usual, plenty more designs from me and other members of LPT to mention too, but for now, may I once more throw down the hankie gauntlet, and ask everyone reading this to come up with a square thought or pattern of their own, so that in October we have a bountiful exhibition on our studio washing lines!

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14 Responses to the possibilities are endless

  1. Jane Smith says:

    Hi Sophie
    Sounds a great idea.
    When would you need a design for?
    Any limit on colours?
    Would love to have a go.

    Jane 07905 350383

    • sophieherx says:

      Hurray! Yes, we need designs by Sept 30th, you can make the work however you choose, on paper or cloth, printed, drawn, photographically, embroidered… as long as it is a square- something between 30cm and 60 cm squared, the fewer colours the easier it would be for us to screen print, but you could do a wild one-off, or come to LPT and print with us, or whatever you like.
      Hope this is not too vague…

      • Marilyn Rogers says:

        Hi Sophie, I am posting some from students of Supported Learning Lewisham College.
        We have many excitng examples, some will make you laugh with tears of joy and some will make you cry, so you will need the hankies to hand. .
        Hope your plans go well and if possible we would like ot visit when they are on display, if a Tues or Weds daytime visit before 3pm could be arranged in November?
        Marilyn Rogers
        Skills for Creative Arts
        Dept of Foundation Studies

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  3. Hi Sophie,
    Lovely to bump into you the other day. I am very much looking forward to contribute to your project, both designing and printing.
    Please let me know when I can pop by at the Printworks when you are there.
    A bientot!
    Flo x

  4. Sally Timms says:

    Hello Sophie

    I also love handkerchiefs and will submit a print idea for the project asap !

    Sally Timms

  5. Hi Sophie,

    That’s great, will come by Wednesday 14th.. is around 10am ok?
    Flo x

  6. Melly Testa says:

    I sent an email with photos and links. I am on a hankie mission too and wanted to show you my wares.

  7. Hi Sophie
    Missed your earlier message about extended hanky deadline. I’ve done a screenprint that needs a bit of titivating. Would some collaging / stitching over the design be Trying Too Hard?? Are you after a hanky that can be reproduced with just print?
    love Claudia x

  8. sophieherx says:

    There’s simply no such thing as trying too hard, we must all try disgustingly hard and the results will be excellent! Your original will remain a one off, and if we have time to print versions of peoples submissions, we will have to try hard to adapt and modify to show what they mean using a screen!
    Submit any number, effortful or casual, I bet they’ll all be great. Sophie x

  9. Can I come and see you there please Sophie? Would love to know more about how it all works…

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