Bunting, Hankies, Rain, bring it on.

At a rain sodden Lambeth Country Show, our bold printworks team was pleased to welcome lots of imaginative passers by, who stopped to chat peruse and purchase Audreys, ‘MaudB’ gorgeous hand made and printed bags, as well as my new LPT handkerchief range, two of which were designed and printed as souvenirs for the Show.

We loved how loads and loads of kids and adults joined in and made cut out stencils which they then screen printed there and then onto calico bunting flags in two ‘olympic’ colours. We will be working over the coming months to print hundreds more of these little flags in collaboration with Lambeth’s young people, every one reflecting a different passion, interest or aspiration in symbolic form. When we have 2012 flags, we will flutter them across the borough as part of local celebrations…





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2 Responses to Bunting, Hankies, Rain, bring it on.

  1. anne says:

    if you have any souvenior hankies left please give me a shout – I’d love one (or three!)

    • sophieherx says:

      We have all sorts of hankies, come and pay us a visit, I’m sure we could spare you one for a few farthings, and maybe get you printing some of your own?
      If you phone the printworks, on 020 7738 7481 one of us will help with any queries… Sophie

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